Robert Anton Wilson divided mankind into neophobic and neophilic. The vast majority of people are neophobic, only a few really seek for changes – and people who are able to realise changes are getting more and more important for success in today’s business.


Your benefit is our goal. To reach this, we act in a way that matches the tasks and framework of your projects:


Avinway Consultants as sparring partner, consultant or coach

Make use of our services as sparring partner for the short and intensive development of strategies and ideas, as consultant in a structured change process or as a coach, who typically helps individuals or teams to advance in their business.
We provide our knowledge and experience from many similar projects to your organisation, regarding the project’s content as well as the applied methods and procedures.
Beneath our expertise you benefit in this role from our strictly neutral evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of solutions, scenarios and providers – to make your company one of the fittest!


Avinway Consultants as program and project manager

“Projects fail because of persons, not of content”

Many organisations have made this experience when they had to manage exceptional projects, no matter if these projects were exceptionally large, innovative or critical. The basic problem is that in a typical organisation you find a lot of technical or business expertise, but a lack of expertise and experience in project management. And especially in the area of project management there is no substitute for experience and personality of the project manager – including even the different kinds of certificates.

The Avinway Program- and Project Management focus on the critical success factors for projects:

  • Objectives
    focus on project objectives, define clear and committed requirements, and especially in innovative projects aspire reasonable goals from the business view instead of striving for the technically feasible.


  • Innovation and change management
    apply changes effectively, evoke acceptance in the employees and make them partners in the change process, overcome obstacles and solve conflicts, select the optimal solutions.


  • Time and money
    appropriate planning and controlling to keep budget and time schedule in line.


  • Project team
    commitment and dedication of the project team members, clear and sustainable communication within and between the levels of hierarchy.


  • Project methods
    requirements management, project planning, reporting and controlling, change management, configuration management, contract management, quality assurance.


For all of these success factors the Avinway Consultants provide profound experience, reliable and approved tools and templates.


Avinway Consultants as interim managers

Not only in case of a sudden shortage of resources is it appropriate to assign an interim manager. In times of radical changes you find the need for completely different capabilities, compared to times of the management of a daily business. To effectuate fundamental changes in short time, to conduct and inspire people on this way, and to find new paths for the business means always to take risks, to try new things and to accept the possibility of mistakes. Resistance against changes sometimes has to be overcome in conflict.
All these reasons make the utilization of interim managers in times of changes reasonable.

The Avinway Consultants possess long-term experience in line management, in the management of change processes and in the personnel management. Utilize this potential not only to overcome bottlenecks in management resources, but also to enhance change processes for your organization.


Avinway Consultants
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Phone: +46 76 580 9987

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