Our Expertise


With Avinway Consultants you can suppose profound knowledge and experience in all areas of project management, business administration, controlling and accounting and IT technologies.


Furthermore we provide the following special expertise:

  • Management of large and critical IT Projects and Programs
    To be successful with critical Projects you need the combination of many kinds of knowledge, abilities and experience. No matter if it’s a software implementation, crisis management, the reorganization of your IT operations or the management of the relocation of your Data Centre – our consultants have profound experience in these fields and lead your projects to success.


  • IT strategy and governance
    Starting from the corporate strategy and the business requirements we develop the future IT Strategy and define the way to go – complete and in practicable steps. This includes a clear mission for the IT, a matching application and technology strategy, the appropriate IT organisation and it’s embedding in the company’s organisation.
    An IT organisation based on this ground will be able to provide durable and efficient IT services for its customers.


  • Application strategy, ERP strategy
    Application strategy, ERP strategy ERP systems are the backbone and lynchpin of IT support for the core company’s business processes. So the selection of the optimal system, the reliable and efficient operation and the ability to adapt the systems to permanently changing requirements are essential for a successful business. The Avinway consultants provide many years of experience of ERP strategy, implementation and operation in different industries, from financial services to manufacturing and utilities. Based on this background we help you to find the appropriate system, to implement it in an optimal way and to sustainably use it.


  • Operational excellence
    “Survival of the fittest” – for this you need an organisation which is agile and business-driven, as well as processes that allow you to act fast, efficient and meeting the market’s needs. And you need business technologies, which provide transparency, automation and flexibility for your business processes.
    The optimization of business processes, organizational structures and the realignment of the corresponding business tools like ERP systems, BI systems and many more are core knowledge of our consultants.


  • Sourcing, IT Sourcing
    To determine the appropriate depth of in-house-production and make the matching make-or-buy decisions was always a basic entrepreneurial issue. To make this decision for classical products is quite easy – these products are mostly well defined and documented. For corporate processes and functions this is often less easy, the subject and the decision criteria are more complex and subject to more and faster changes.
    As neutral consultants with deep knowledge of markets and processes we support you to identify processes and services which can be outsourced beneficially. We provide knowledge and experience in the whole process from the basic decision to submission, contract elaboration and finally the transition – in a way that your objectives are safeguarded and you have the fundament for a long-lasting and profitable relation with your provider.
    And in cases, where – for whatever reasons – an in-sourcing or back-sourcing is necessary, you can also utilize our profound experience in this field.


Avinway Consultants
Sebastian Asendorf

Gamla Nissastigen 37
31441 Torup


E-mail: info@avinway.eu

Phone: +46 76 580 9987

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